Easy, Breezy: Life at Sea

May 15th, 2015 noahsmarine

boatingHomeowners or those to be always envision a lap of luxury consisting of a large, extravagant house to call their own. What about a boat? Some people may choose the different lifestyle of calling a smaller boat their home, and it just might not be a terrible idea. Reason number one as to why it would be easy to live on a boat is because it makes living simpler.

Living on a boat, you don’t clutter your day up with endless television and internet activities. You might read a book instead, take walks on the beach, fish, or even find the pleasure in daily chores and maintenance of your vessel. Furthermore, the cost of living on a boat as compared to a home is extremely different.



The reason for this is because your boat can be fully paid for, meaning you owe nothing to anyone and what you have is all yours. Homes can become extremely messy in the process of living as well. With a boat, you certainly don’t have enough space in order to become cluttered by any means.

Choosing a lifestyle at seas will also allow you to become more adventurous as you are continuously surrounded by nature and its wonders. Whether you wake up in the morning to a beautiful sunrise and hike through the hills, or you decide to go snorkeling with the fish out in the ocean you’ll always find adventure on a boat. Finally, the aspect of freedom and the ability to travel wherever you want in your home is the final reason why living on a boat isn’t a bad decision.


Think about it, if you so choose to pick up and sail off to a different location then you can. You don’t have to pack, or worry about leaving something behind because you have everything you need with you. All you need to do is know that you have control over your own destiny and wherever the water takes you is the next place you’ll stay.

Written by noahsmarine

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