What you Need for Boat Living

Under the pressures of modern day society, keeping up with Jones and taking on more debt than you’re probably comfortable with, it’s good to dream. And if you’re like most living the American dream, you’ve envisioned getting away from all the pressures of banks and lienholders; just leaving it all behind for the high seas. […]

Sail Smooth When You Keep these 4 Things on your Boat

Its finally boating season! The boat slips are filling up and the lakes are bursting with enthusiastic boaters spending their days swimming and boating around in the sun. If you intend on spending a lot of summer days out on the water, there are a few things you should always keep onboard to ensure a […]

Easy, Breezy: Life at Sea

Homeowners or those to be always envision a lap of luxury consisting of a large, extravagant house to call their own. What about a boat? Some people may choose the different lifestyle of calling a smaller boat their home, and it just might not be a terrible idea. Reason number one as to why it […]