What you Need for Boat Living

August 4th, 2015 noahsmarine

cabin beddingUnder the pressures of modern day society, keeping up with Jones and taking on more debt than you’re probably comfortable with, it’s good to dream. And if you’re like most living the American dream, you’ve envisioned getting away from all the pressures of banks and lienholders; just leaving it all behind for the high seas.

If you’re serious about your dream, your fantasy can easily become a reality. You can easily liquidate all your assets, but a sailboat and get away from it all. Living on a sailboat is something you have to want, and realize all that accompanies this kind of commitment—including taking on a minimalist way of life. But just because you’re taking on a minimalist lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to go completely without. And if you decide to live on your sailboat, there are more comforts available to you than you may know.

Internet Card
For those of us not lucky enough to yet retire but lucky enough to have an opportunity to work remotely, an internet card is your answer. And for those of you who don’t have to work for whatever reason, an internet card will allow you to stay in touch with the rest of the world so you don’t completely drop out of society. Internet cards are also available with satellite capabilities so you can ‘check in’ to your social media no matter how far off shore you may be.

Solar Panels/Wind Mills
If you want to remain as self-sufficient as possible, installing tools for converting natural energy are your best bet. And the less room they take up, the better. Obviously solar panels are flat and can be installed in minimally-invasive positions on your deck, such as your deck hatch. Meanwhile, windmills can be placed high on your mast are on your bow, out of the way.

Cabin Heater/Cabin AC
Obviously depending on what part of the world your sailing, you might be able to do without either a cabin AC or cabin heater unit. But for more temperate climates, such as the Great Lakes, you will need both. Fortunately there are compact designs conveniently offering both heating and cooling options. Snuggly fitting one of your deck hatches, heating and cooling units are among the most important aspect to your living aboard, as climate control will allow you a good night’s sleep.

These must-haves, in addition to a refrigerator, a boat with a complete bathroom and a hot water heater, will make your journey much more self-sustained and tolerable. Contemporary designs also allow you space-saving without being forced to sacrifice creature comforts. Aside from all the necessities for sustenance, don’t forget a collection of books and the intention to relax.

Written by noahsmarine

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